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So What's The Story?

Martial Arts School owners Paul Bowles and Paul Munn operate a highly successful

Wado-Ryu Sport Karate organisation with 6 training venues across the United Kingdom....The Southern Sport Karate Organisation.


Combined they have 60 years experience in the Martial Arts industry and are both

5th Dan Black Belts.

Paul Cropped Colour.jpg

Paul Bowles

Ssko logo Tshirt Back 2019.-20.jpg

Paul Munn

Wanting to implement a Merit Badge Programme alongside their own syllabus they looked at what was available and found the options were totally outdated and decided to design their very own modern badges that offers so much more to all Martial Arts School owners and instructors and from there M A-Merit Badge 360 was born!

"MA-Meritbadge360 is a unique system that gives M A School owners complete control on the design of their schools merit badge.


They can choose a background colour to co-inside with the colours of their belt ranking system, PLUS square or hexagonal designs and we can even create badges with your schools logo or branding.


No other Merit Badge Programme can offer you this"

Merit Badge SSKO - 1.jpg
Merit Badge Sample.jpg
Merit Badge SSKO - 3.jpg
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